By-Product Feeds for Lactating Dairy Cows: Effects of Cottonseed Hulls, Sunflower Hulls, Corrugated Paper, Peanut Hulls, Sugarcane Bagasse, and Whole Cottonseed with Additives of Fat, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Aspergillus oryzae Product on Milk Production

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Authors: H. H. Van Horn, B. Harris, JR., M. J. Taylor,  K. C. Bachman, and C. J. Wilcox

University: Dairy Science Department, University of Florida

Year Published: 1983

Abstract: In Experiment 1, Holstein cows (32) fed diets in three 28-day periods were used to evaluate a 3 x 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of fiber sources (sunflower hulls, pelleted cottonseed hulls, and pelleted undelinted cottonseed hulls at 35% of dry matter), fat (O or 2.5%), and sodium bicarbonate (0 or 1.0%). Sixteen cows also received Aspergillus oryzae product (56.7 g/day) continuously. Sunflower hulls decreased daily intake (19.4 versus 25.1 kg), milk (23.3 versus 26.5 kg), milk protein (2.85 versus 2.95%), and body weight change (—.08 versus .90 kg), but milk fat percent was higher (3.54 versus 3.32%). Sunflower hulls depressed digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, and acid detergent fiber. Added fat reduced milk fat and protein percents. Experiment 2 evaluated fiber sources (20% ground corrugated cardboard boxes, combination of 10% cardboard and 10% peanut hulls, or 30% cottonseed hulls), animal fat (O or 2.5%), sodium bicarbonate (O or .75%), and condensed molasses solubles by-product from rum distilling (O or 10%). Corrugated boxes effected lowest intake (18.0 kg/day), cottonseed hulls highest intake (23.5 kg/day), and combination intermediate (20.2 kg/day). Added fat depressed fat percent. Condensed molasses solubles lowered milk yield but increased milk fat percent (3.76 versus 3.30), molar percent of acetic acid, and ratio of acetic to propionic. In two other experiments whole cottonseed (12.5 or 15% of dry matter) with corn silage, pelleted steam pressure treated sugarcane bagasse, or cottonseed hulls increased milk yield but decreased milk fat percent, especially with pelleted bagasse.

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