Cottonseed 101

Learn how this premium feedstuff can help you get more out of your milking string.

About Whole Cottonseed

Whole cottonseed is an excellent feed ingredient for cattle, especially lactating cows. The high level of energy (fat), protein, and effective fiber in whole cottonseed has the potential to increase milk production and butterfat when added to the ration.

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Benefits of Feeding
Whole Cottonseed

Producers nationwide build their rations around whole cottonseed  for many reasons

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Direct & Simple Sourcing

Sourcing whole cottonseed is direct and simple with our Cottonseed Marketplace, an easy-to-use connection point for buyers and sellers. Use it to connect with qualified sellers that serve your area! Check it out!

Cottonseed Marketplace

Click your state or a state near you to see a list of cottonseed suppliers that serve your area.