Benefits of Feeding Cottonseed

Compared with other commonly available protein supplements, whole cottonseed is the only feedstuff with both high energy and high fiber. Whole cottonseed is recognized as a cost-effective “triple-nutrient” for feeding dairy cows, and has many benefits.

Milk production and butterfat boost

In trial after trial, whole cottonseed has been proven to increase both milk production and milk fat test when added to dairy cow rations.

High digestibility

The energy in whole cottonseed is primarily from fat. If fed at a reasonable level, whole cottonseed will not interfere with forage digestion the way starch in corn can.

Improved body condition

Research has shown that the fat in whole cottonseed improves body condition, which can lead to better reproductive performance.

Concentrated nutrition

CRUDE FAT (min) 18%
CRUDE FIBER (max) 32%
ASH (max) 7%
MOISTURE (max) 13%

Bob Zwald

Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI

“The increase in production with cottonseed was about 3-4 lbs of milk per cow, per day”

Rick Titel

Independent Nutrition and Management Consultant, Eldorado, WI

“Cottonseed is a great source of forage-type NDF that can be used for forage replacement.”

Wide availability

Whole cottonseed is available to most dairy producers nationwide. Our whole cottonseed supplier list is a great way to shop around, and our cottonseed request form helps you get quotes directly from available sellers.

All these benefits are especially attractive when feeding the high producing, early lactation dairy cow in negative energy balance – a cow in need of both energy and fiber. The energy content of whole cottonseed also makes it a valuable addition for cows with a reduced appetite, particularly those that have just freshened or are under weather-related stress.

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