• Your Guide To Feeding Whole Cottonseed

    Have questions about the value of feeding whole cottonseed and how to effectively add it to your dairy ration? Our e-guide has answers.

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  • Beef up your cattle ration

    Whole cottonseed is a triple-nutrient feed ingredient research-proven to provide the fat, fiber and protein required by beef cattle.

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  • New Study Finds Cottonseed Benefits Beef Cattle

    Recent research indicates whole cottonseed is a valuable option for feedlot diets.

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  • Boost Cattle Performance with Whole Cottonseed

    All-in-one whole cottonseed delivers the fat, fiber and protein beef and dairy cattle need to perform.

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  • Formulate rations with cottonseed

    Learn how to formulate rations with cottonseed for the best impact.

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  • Connect with a seller

    Find qualified cottonseed suppliers in your area and across the country.

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Bob Zwald

Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI

“The increase in production with cottonseed was about 3-4 lbs of milk per cow, per day”

Rick Titel

Independent Nutrition and Management Consultant, Eldorado, WI

“Cottonseed is a great source of forage-type NDF that can be used for forage replacement.”

Our Mission

Wholecottonseed.com provides livestock producers with valuable cottonseed information, and connects buyers and sellers of cottonseed for quick information and fair bids to purchase available cottonseed.

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