Getting Started With Cottonseed

Information on how to feed, store and so much more for both first-time and long-time users.

Calculating the Value
of Whole Cottonseed

Crunch the numbers for your dairy.

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Feeding & storing

Learn how to feed and store cottonseed.

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How Much Should I Feed?

Learn the average quantity recommended for feeding, as well as considerations when calculating cottonseed’s inclusion in the ration.

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Sample rations

Sample rations including cottonseed, based on diets standard in various U.S. regions.

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Direct & Simple Sourcing

Sourcing whole cottonseed is direct and simple with our Cottonseed Marketplace, an easy-to-use connection point for buyers and sellers. Use it to connect with qualified sellers in your area. Check it out!

Cottonseed Marketplace

Click your state, or the closest state with a cottonseed supplier marked by a dot, to find cottonseed suppliers nearby.