The three-in-one feedstuff

Highly digestible whole cottonseed is an effective source of fiber, fat and protein1 in feedlot rations with no adverse effects to animal performance.2


Whole cottonseed is a nutrient-dense option that contains ample energy and fiber to promote rumen function3 and digestive health4.


Research has shown that the fat in whole cottonseed improves body condition in beef cattle, which can lead to better reproductive performance5.


Whole cottonseed is a nutrient-dense option that’s high in protein4, which is the component most often lacking in beef cattle diets. This helps support muscle growth, animal development and lactation5.

Why Whole Cottonseed?

Find out why Oklahoma State University Associate Professor Blake Wilson recommends including this unique feedstuff in beef cattle diet rations.

Proven beneficial for beef cattle

Improves beef cattle body condition

Great supplemental feed option

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