Dear Nutritionist, A diary ration chock full of fat, fiber and protein improves milk quantity and quality.1 Event a cow knows that. Your friend, Mabel

Get More Out Of Your Ration And Your Herd.

Talk to your producers about adding whole cottonseed to their cattle rations.

01  FAT
Helps improve body condition, which is vital for successful breeding.2

Supports muscle growth, animal development and lactation.3

Supports rumen function and digestive health.4

Why Whole Cottonseed?

Higher Milk Production and Butterfat: In trial after trial, whole cottonseed has been proven to increase both milk production and milk fat when added to dairy cow rations.5

Improved Body Condition: Research has shown that the fat in whole cottonseed improves body condition, which can lead to better reproductive performance.2

Highly Digestible: Whole cottonseed is highly digestible since its energy is primarily from fat.6

Widely Available: Since whole cottonseed is a byproduct of the cotton ginning process, it is widely available and often competitively priced.

Direct & Simple Sourcing

Sourcing whole cottonseed is direct and simple with our Cottonseed Marketplace, an easy-to-use connection point for buyers and sellers. Use it to connect with qualified sellers that serve your area! Check it out!

Cottonseed Marketplace

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