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Cottonseed Demand Remains Strong, Cottonseed Marketplace Usage Increases

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As Demand for Whole Cottonseed Remains Strong, Cotton Incorporated Promotes New Cottonseed Marketplace, Connects Buyers and Sellers of Cottonseed

Total U.S. cottonseed production in 2011 yielded 5.312 million tons, down from 6 million tons in 2010. Though production decreased, total cottonseed available for feed mirrors 2010’s figures at 2.975 million tons.  Cottonseed demand remains strong as the overall need for feed, fiber and forage materials drives the market price.

“The drought in Texas significantly impacted production in 2011, but we hope to see the cycle break and cottonseed prices retreat in 2012,” says Tom Wedegaertner, director of agricultural research at Cotton Incorporated. “As a triple nutrient supplier, whole cottonseed remains a valuable feed component, delivering energy, protein and fiber to high-producing dairy cows. It’s important to consider these benefits when examining your ration.”

The Cottonseed Marketplace at WholeCottonseed.com allows producers to request cottonseed quotes from multiple merchants using one simple form. Dairy producers are encouraged to visit the website frequently for industry news, and follow @CottonTom on Twitter for updates on cottonseed availability throughout the year.

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