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What’s our story for beef producers?

Beef Up Your Cattle Ration

Whole cottonseed is a triple-nutrient feed ingredient, containing protein, available fat and effective fiber to support the nutritional needs of your beef cattle.1 On average, whole cottonseed contains 96% digestible nutrients, 23% protein, 20% fat and 24% fiber on a dry matter basis.2


Helps improve body condition, which is vital for successful breeding.3


Supports muscle growth, animal development and lactation.4


Supports rumen function and digestive health.5

What does that mean for beef producers & Nutritionists?

Proven Beneficial For Beef Cattle

Cotton byproducts, including whole cottonseed and cotton gin trash, are an effective source of fiber, fat and protein in feedlot rations without adverse effects on performance or carcass characteristics.6

Improves Body Condition

Research has shown that the fat in whole cottonseed improves body condition in beef cattle, which can lead to better reproductive performance.3

Great Supplemental Feed Option

Whole cottonseed is a nutrient-dense option that’s high in protein, which is the component most often lacking in beef cattle diets. Cottonseed also contains ample energy and fiber to promote digestive health.1

Beef Advisory Council Members

Eric Bailey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and State Beef Extension Specialist
University of Missouri

Buck Chastain

BC Consulting | Indiana

Steve Foglesong

Steve Foglesong

Beef Producer
Black Gold Ranch and Feedlot | Illinois

Dr. Shanna Ivey

Shanna Ivey, Ph.D.

Department Head and Professor of Animal Science
New Mexico State University
New Mexico

Casey McMurphy

Casey McMurphy, M.S.

Consulting Nutritionist
Canyon Cattle Consulting | Texas

Alisa Ogden

Beef Producer and Cotton Grower
Black River Farm | New Mexico

Terry Quam

Beef Producer
Margda Angus Farms | Wisconsin

Blake Wilson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Oklahoma State University

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